Monday, April 18, 2016

Debrief: Emerald City Comicon 2016

Comics, cosplay, and collectibles, oh my! This year was my 5th year of attending Emerald City Comicon and I gotta say, it was still a blast. Even with the preamble of hectic business travel, slammed work schedules, and little-to-no energy to do much of  anything, I still managed to bring over a stack of comics for signing, a Watch_Dogs costume for cosplaying, and enough stamina to get me through a weekend's worth of nerding out.

Getting up and at it early Friday morning, I was off to ECCC2016 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. Upon arrival some 4-5 hours later, I was checked in to the Sheraton (with relative ease, I might add) and ready to set foot on the convention floor. Right off the bat there seemed to be an obvious shift in the "busy-ness" level from years prior. With the addition of the fourth day, Thursday, this year there lacked the normal crowds that often convoluted the the convention center during what used to be the first day of the convention and made running around to get the busy work of getting comics signed much, much easier. For example, I was able to step into Skottie Young's (he's so nice and cool!) line without any issue and get my Rocket Raccoon's signed without having to wait/hover around for an hour or so. In fact, the worst line I had stand in was Fiona Staples (ermahgerd she's amazeacraze) and, even then, I was only in line for maybe 20 minutes. With this, I managed to get my all my comics signed on Friday, for the most part, which allowed me to do what I please Saturday and Sunday.

This year's ECCC landed on the same weekend as Botcon (someday, I will go!) and some of the usual Transformers artists, such as Ken Christiansen, that I've seen in years prior did not attend this year, which was a bit of a bummer. Regardless, I still managed to find a few. Mairghread Scott and Corin Howell made an appearance and were a pleasure to chat with and I managed to get some sweet commissions from 1314's Ben Hansen and Keith Tucker, a storyboard artist for the original G1 show. The highlight definitely had to be being recognized by blogger "Yoshi" from the Transformers podcast Transmissions while he was at Howell's booth doing an interview as the "girl with the Megatron cannon". Having not taken the massive, dead-arm causing, fusion cannon replica out of the closet for some time now, it came as a (delightful) surprise and completely caught me off guard. And now, I'm trying to figure out how to work it into my next costume (whoo!).

Speaking of costumes, Saturday's onslaught of cosplayers were amazing! There were so many different fandoms out, it was hard to even see them all. I dressed up in my Aiden Pearce get-up which looked practically normal compared to some of the complex and beautifully crafted costumes many individuals brought out this year. I only managed to get a few photos but super shoutout to the 7-ft tall Master Chief, the Bumblebee on stilts, and the number of Aliens costumes I saw roaming around.

There was a weird vibe going on with ReedPop's take over of ECCC. I couldn't tell if it was tension between the artists and the convention owners or what, but there was something there. Though, it didn't really affect my experience as an attendee.

Overall, I didn't go crazy on the expenses this year. As I have a massive hoard of prints and graphic tees already, I refrained from buying any more. I did managed to pick up a good handful of late 80's Transformers issues (including issues 80) for an amazing price, bring my count to finish the series to about 8 (hells yeah!). My amazing boyfriend picked me up Saga number 3 in an effort to try to help me pick up the early issues I'm missing (just need 2 and 4 now if anyone has them for sale!). Even though Norman Reedus and Nathan Fillion were both lined up on the celebs list, I had no desire to go stand in line this year to get a signature. Honestly, I felt a little 'meh' over the celeb line-up. 

All-in-all, Emerald City Comicon was still a blast this year. I really enjoyed wandering the floor and areas of the convention, taking in the sights, sifting through the boxes of comics, and oohing-and-awing at all the beautiful artwork. 10/10, will do again (ECCC2017 or bust!)

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