Saturday, June 4, 2016

Debrief: Lilac City Comicon 2016

This year was the 10th anniversary of Spokane's own Lilac City Comicon! Formerly Spokane Comicon, I've been able to see first hand how quickly it's grown from a neat gathering at a local community college to a full blown show at the convention center in just a few years. With numerous vendors, rows of artists--both local and otherwise--and a great lineup of panels, this year seemed to be the best one so far.

First up, vendor area. This year there was a great selection of vendors, selling everything from POP! Vinyls to handmade jewelry and, of course, copious amounts of nerd paraphernalia. I was happy to see my local comic shop (aka "The Comic Shop") populating a booth along with some vendors from outside the Spokane area. While I wasn't able to find any Transformer-gems, the diversity of vendors would allow near anyone to find that missing comic book to complete their collection or prized action figure they've been searching for.

Moving on to the artist alley, it was awesome to see so many artists this year! Super shout out to Colton Worley (local Spokane comic artist who's worked on Dynamites the Spider and the Shadow), Ben Hansen (fantastic artist from Western Washington who has some epic knowledge on Transformers and is always a pleasure to chat with) and Joshua Covey (local comic artist in Idaho with some awesome self-published works such as Bakko and The Road North) for having some beautiful work displayed. There were so many other great artists, it's hard to call them all out because there was so much cool stuff to look at.

Myself and my fellow Transformers-fanatic friend, Karlea, both dressed up in our respective Decepticon and Autobot themed cosplays this year (her's being the more put together one as I had to rush to pull something together in time, of course). And we weren't the only ones. This year the amount of cosplay-goers was substantial. Cosplayers ranged from Steven Universe to Deadpool to Mad Max, and they were all fantastic and incredibly friendly! I'm always surprised at the amount of costumed-comicon-goers that show up to LCC as it keeps growing every year! It really goes to show how far Spokane's "nerd-culture" spans. Now, if only we could get a nerd-themed bar to bring us all together.

Overall, Lilac City Comicon killed it this year. It was a well organized convention with a great flow of attendees that seemed to be constantly going in and out. The venue was well set up and the rows of booths allowed just about anyone to find something relevant to their interests. Could this be the next premier comicon in Washington State? Possibly! But for now, I'm already looking forward to next year and watching it grow!

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