About the Author

"N.B.E.1" aka Kai

By day, Kai is an information security professional who travels the nation looking for vulnerabilities big and small in varying sizes of institutions. Her interest in the infosec field first budded during her days in college where an experimental class listing named “Information Warfare” grabbed her attention and pulled her in to her first experience as ‘the attacker’. Ever since, she’s followed the stories of Alice and Bob very closely.

But that’s only part of the reason you’re here, right?

By night, I switch to your everyday hooded nerd who reads the adventures as told by comic books, perfectly arranges action figures, and fights off the Covenant from invading Earth in the year 2552.

So what is “pax per tyrannis”? Translated from Latin, pax per tyrannis means “Peace through Tyranny” which is a motto from my all-time favorite fictional character and Decepticon leader, Megatron. Transformers, all from G1 to the current comic line by IDW, is a huge interest of mine (except maybe the “Bayformers”). Does that mean I support Tyranny? Absolutely not unless it means bringing equality to Cybertronians everywhere, regardless of caste. But it sounded like a great blog title.

I have a lot of interests that I hope to share here on my blog, including personal safety on the internet, the latest in Transformer news and topics, the current state of women in the technology field, where’s Waldo, what is the IoT up to, why Halo 1-3 are better than 4-(presumably) 6, poorly doodled illustrations, who is the Watch_Dog, the best (and worst) of my travels, where to find the legendary Poke'mon, and what the heck is going on in Saga? If there’s something you’d like to see me cover or discuss, drop me a note via email. So, I hope you find something to enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Opinions expressed on this blog do not reflect that of Kai’s employers, affiliates, etc.